Technical share design verification method for Nissan oil cooler

1.Oil cooler installation in watertank radiator

Oil cooler installed inside the watertank, tank material is standard material (Nylon PA66 (G30)-INX-1), or (PA66 + PA610,PA66 + PA612, etc.) except that calcium chloride resistance is improved. Fluid cooler pipe connect oil cooler to outside pipe to gearbox for cooling.

2.Thermal performance test for fluid cooler

Radiation performance, air flow resistance and passage resistance specified by each grid in the below table shall be

Characteristics of throughput resistance and throughput amount at low temperatures
Data of the below chart in the below conditions shall be presented.
Throughput amount: 0 to 6 L/min
Inlet oil temperature: -30, -20, -10, 0℃

3.Repetitive pressurizing test for fluid cooler

500 thousand cycles shall be conducted as below input parameters.

Pressure: 0 to 1000kpa, temperature 130℃,repeating frequency 2Hz to carry out the oil cooler PC testing.

4.Air tightness test for nissan oil cooler

Pressure of 1500 kPa , hold pressure for 1 min. If oil cooler sample tested underwater, no bubble visible.
Helium or equivalent gas shall be used as the medium.

5.Thermal cycle test verification for oil cooler

The high temperature shall be 160C and the low temperature shall be -40C, the transit time within 30min. The medium maintain at 160℃ inside Oil cooler for 10min, also apply to -40℃ maintain 10min.
Conduct 10 cycles.
Air tightness test per4 performed after the TC test.

ITOC finished part

If you need to conduct also the verification testing for the oil cooler, contact our R&D mgr David for more:

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