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In-depth cultivation in the field of radiator customization, and writing small tables for thermal management calculations.

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Use Catia to help you design and improve radiators, and provide virtual simulation services.

Customized plastic water tank radiator, customized full aluminum radiator for high burst pressure.

Thermal Calculation Virtual Table

Independently write heat dissipation calculation tables, and heat dissipation case summary virtual products

About Us

We are a team focused on heat exchanger design and make prototype. Team members have 3D design capabilities and fluid mechanics simulation capabilities.


Dummy battery custom for BYD SONG Dmi, VW MEB for thermal battery cooler testing.

Brazing Oven

In house brazing oven for Nocolok – Flux Aluminium Brazing

tooling rack

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The R&D members come from OEM car companies, the simulation team comes from a Ph.D. in heat transfer from Xi’an Jiaotong University, and the process engineer has 21 years of brazing experience.

We provide small batch customization.

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We can help you realizing your design. Let’s talk about what we can build and raise together.

Fiter-auto team

Do you need a personalized custom radiator?

Please feel free to contact our R&D manager david, we will provide you with reasonable suggestions and realize your needs!

See how we make the design for dummy battery!

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