About Us

A nice team.

We are a project-oriented team, with project managers leading the team’s operations. Functionally, it consists of R&D, process, quality and logistics. The core team members are project manager, R&D manager and process manager. The establishment of the team is led by the three of them. The team was established in 2011. At the beginning, it focused on heat exchanger design and make prototype. Team members have 3D design capabilities and fluid mechanics simulation capabilities, process fixtures, CNC machining and welding capabilities, and successfully designed and made several battery cooling plates for customers. After 2013, we designed aluminum extruded products and flange joints for customers. In 2016, we designed a dummy battery for our customers, including cooling and heating parts. In 2019, our team joined a PhD in fluid mechanics from Xi’an Jiaotong University. We provide customers with simulations of flow and thermal fields, and our team has rich 3D design experience, so that we can design and simulate for customers.

Feel free to contact our R&D manager David,email:david.teng.fiter@gmail.com.