Hand made aluminum bracket

We use wire cutting to produce a aluminum bracket shape ,and then bending by hand with fixture. Suitable for small batch prototyping.


Why choose us? The hand-made bending aluminum bracket factory

1.We are a Chinese supplier that provides one-stop services for laser cut, wire cut bracket to save high tooling cost.

2.Design and development capabilities, our founder has more than ten years of experience in automotive design.

3.Local partners around to add value.

4.Rich experience in automotive design and innovative thinking to solve your problems.

hand make barcket

Material spec for aluminum bracket usage

Material: aluminum alloy 3003,3102,3103,6061,6005,6063,6005A,6060,6101,6011.
Color: original aluminum color
Wall thickness:1.0,1.5,2.0,4.0mm…
Length: customized
Shape: customized, using laser, wire cutting and bending.
Application field: small batch prototyping bracket, bracket for power steeling cooler
Package: according to the package requirement from customer


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