Extruded aluminum tube

Custom extruded aluminum tube in car radiator,heat exchanger multiple port tube custom. Aluminum tube for RAD, ACAC, CDS ect.


Why choose us? Tube extrusion is good for heat exchange radiator

1.We are a Chinese supplier that provides one-stop services for extrusion, CNC machining and surface treatment.

2.Design and development capabilities, our founder has more than ten years of experience in automotive design.

3.Local partners around to add value.

4.Rich experience in automotive design and innovative thinking to solve your problems.

tube radiator

Radiator tube BOM specification

Color:original aluminum color.
Wall thickness:from 0.23 to 4.0mm…
Application field: multiple port tube for car radiator, ACAC,condenser,oil cooler,battery cooler ect.
Package:according to the products


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