custom EV battery dummy module for thermal performance test

Custom dummy battery DESIGN ,with heating element and temperature controller. To make the complete ev/phev dummy pack to represent the real battery pack, to run the thermal performance test. From design to manufacturing.


Battery dummy pack overview

battery dummy pack overview

Pin color:bottom plate

Gray color:dummy battery

Purple color:Al plate(for heater film adhesive )

Yellow color: Insulation board

1.Bottom plate(with pillar and handle)

dummy Bottom plate(with pillar and handle)

A.16 pillars, welded on the bottom plate, the pillars are tapped with M6*1 through threads;
B. The two handles are only for indication, easy to carry.

2.Pillar,to support the dummy module—16 pcs


The peripheral welding seam should not be too large, and it should be controlled within 3mm. 3 series or 6 series aluminum alloy.



Welded on the bottom plate to ensure strength.

4.Bottom plate for dummy pack—1pcs

bottom plate

This bottom plate is represent the real battery lower casting, with battery cell putting on it.

5. Plastic pad —16pcs

plastic pad for thermal isolation

Used for installation between the module and the pillar, the quantity is 16 and the material is PP. For thermal isolation.

6.Module dummy—4pcs

module dummy aluminum

This aluminum dummy module need to calculation the specific heat capacity to match the real battery module/cell. Our R&D manager david know how to do this design for you and take care of the Thermal Conductivity.

six red circles, tapped M6*1 threaded holes;

four green circles, through holes.

7.M6*1*40 bolt—- 16pcs

mounting on the dummy

This bolt M6 is used to lock the module dummy and the bottom plate. The number is 16.

8. Aluminum plate —4pcs

aluminum plate

Blue: 5mm thick aluminum plate, 3 series or 6 series aluminum alloy, quantity 4

9.Plastic pad —24pcs

plastic pad

This PP plastic pad is used on the 5mm thick aluminum plate, the quantity is 24.

10.M6 bolt—24pcs

M6 bolt on dummy pack

This M6*1*16 bolt is used to lock the aluminum plate and the module, the quantity is 24 .

11. Insulation board—4pcs

isolation board

Heat insulation board, material PTFE plastic board, 4 pcs. Pay attention to removing sharp burrs

SUM for the dummy module battery design

From design to manufacturing, we help customer to make this dummy with heating elements & temperature controller, customer use this to make battery cooler thermal performance test.

If you have any question, please send email to our R&D manager david for more, his email is:



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