Vehicle battery cooler burst test

Test name: burst test
Test purpose: In order to test and verify the pressure resistance of the new energy vehicle battery cooling plate, in order to evaluate whether it meets the operating requirements. Our target burst pressure is 4Mpa.
Test location: Local partner’s burst test equipment
Test setup:The inlet of the cooling plate is connected to nitrogen, and the outlet is blocked with a plug,as below picture show

Test method: The cooling plate is injected with nitrogen and the pressure is increased at a constant rate until the cooler fails to burst. Record the burst pressure and failure location.

Test result: the cooler is burst at 6Mpa, which meets the design requirements.Let's see the failure location,on the multi-port tube,with more ports and material thickness inside we could increase the burst pressure.

We could see that the brazing joint between header and tube is good,the failure location is not on the brazing joint.The next quality analysis job is to do the metallographic inspection.