CFD simulation


•In-house capabilities to perform volume extraction by SCDM.
•In-house capabilities to prepare CFD model by SCDM.
•In-house capabilities to evaluate flow distribution and pressure drop by fluent or Star CCM+.
•In-house capabilities to perform thermal simulation by fluent or Star CCM+.
•CFD simulation know-how database.
•Quick optimization for customer deliverable.

Example of cases

Study scope:

•Flow distribution uniform for each battery cooler tube
•Pressure drop for cooler under 10l/min @ 25℃
•Thermal simulation for cooling and heating


 Fig1 Flow rate for each tube,variation less than 15%                Fig2 Cooling simulation                              Fig3 heating simulation

Our engineering services


We could run CFD simulation for customer,design a better part,produce a better part,fitter the better.

Check our cases how to combine cooling and heating film on dummy battery.