Monthly technical training-July,2021

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Author : David
Update time : 2021-07-05 19:27:49
   On July 5, 2021, in order to improve design and development capabilities and share knowledge, David trained everyone on how to quickly generate 2D drawings from 3D models. David uses a rear bumper left mounting bracket as an example to explain to the guys the 2D engineering drawing of stamping parts.

   First, display the stamping bracket on the product assembly module. The following figure is an isometric view:

  We can see that the thickness of this stamped bracket is 1mm and it is equipped with a nut.
front view:

Rear view:

Left view:

   Generally, you can view various views on the 3D model, and rotate the compass to observe the product structure, and select a surface as the best projection surface for the main view.
Projection to generate 2d engineering drawings


   Finally, mark the size tolerance and related technical requirements.
   Through this technical training, we learned about guy’s drawing design ability and shortcomings, and increased their design and development capabilities.
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