Dummy battery

Over view

Pin color:bottom plate

Gray color:dummy battery

Purple color:Al plate(for heater film adhesive )

Yellow color: Insulation board
1.Bottom plate(with pillar and handle)

A.16 pillars, welded on the bottom plate, the pillars are tapped with M6*1 through threads;
B. The two handles are only for indication, easy to carry.

2.pillar---16 pcs

The peripheral welding seam should not be too large, and it should be controlled within 3mm. 3 series or 6 series aluminum alloy

Welded on the bottom plate to ensure strength.
4.Bottom plate---1pcs

5. Plastic pad ---16pcs

Used for installation between the module and the pillar, the quantity is 16 and the material is PP.

6 red circles, tapped M6*1 threaded holes;

4 green circles, through holes.
7.M6*1*40 bolt---- 16pcs

This bolt M6 is used to lock the module and the bottom plate. The number is 16.
8. Aluminum plate ---4pcs

Blue: 5mm thick aluminum plate, 3 series or 6 series aluminum alloy, quantity 4
9.Plastic pad ---24pcs

This PP plastic pad is used on the 5mm thick aluminum plate, the quantity is 24.
10.M6 bolt—24pcs

This M6*1*16 bolt is used to lock the aluminum plate and the module, the quantity is 24 .
11. Insulation board—4pcs

Heat insulation board, material PTFE plastic board, 4 pcs. Pay attention to removing sharp burrs

From design to manfacturing, we help customer to make this dummy with heating elements & temperature controller, customer use this to make battery cooler thermal performance test.