Custom power steering cooler

   Fiter-auto can produce customized power steering cooler, the minimum order quantity is 100 units/model, the price depends on the different accessories, the lowest price starts at 23 dollars.
1. Function of Power steering cooler
  The aluminum coolers use air flow to take away the heat in the tube, so that the power steering pump maintains a comfortable working temperature and extends the working life of the power steering pump,and maintain steering feel and performance.
2.Drawing design for power steering cooler
   The following are the 5 power steering coolers that we have produced before. The drawings are similar, and they are used for GM series pickup trucks, such as Cadillac  2005-02Chevrolet Silverado 1500/1500 HD/2500/2500 HD/3500,Tahoe,Avalanche 1500;GMC Sierra 1500/1500HD/2500HD/3500,Yukon,Yukon XL 1500/2500 2013-99Coated for extra protection against corrosionhoses included to assist with installation.

3. Parts production and trial production
Small batch trial production, we use wire cutting and manual bending of the bracket to prevent customers from opening molds and help customers save mold costs.

4. Quality Inspection
  The following shows the dimension  measurement of semi-finished products:

5. Air tightness test
   In order to ensure the air tightness of our products, 100% of our products are tested underwater :

6. Package Design
   Design the packing box and do a good job of product protection:

7. Finally, the shipping picture:

   Our products include aluminum alloy pipes, fins, buckles and hoses, which are convenient for customers to install. The minimum order quantity is 100 units, the price starts at 23 US dollars, factory production, welcome to customize.