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By David | 15 August 2021 | 1 Comments

Technical introduction of car radiator and condenser for Audi A4 1.4 TFSi Base 2016

   Introduced at the 2015 Frankfurt Auto Show, the Audi A4 is nowavailable in 1.4 TFSi Base version.
   Below are the datasheet for car radiator and AC condenser for your reference.
            Car radiator datasheet for Audi A4 1.4 TFSi Base 2016
  data description
VehicleSegment C Sedan
Engine type 1.4TFSI L4, turbo, gasoline
Engine Max power(kw) 110  
Engine Max Horsepower (PS) 150  
Engine Max. torque (Nm) 250  
Top Speed (km/h) 210  
Acceleration 0-100 km/h (s) 8.7  
Car radiator type Brazed radiator  
Radiator core Length x Width x Thickness(mm) 720x490x24  
Radiator core area(dm2) 35.3  
Radiator tube quantity(pcs) 67  
Radiator separator quantity(pcs) 68  
Fin pitch(mm) 3  
Fin height(mm) 6  
Car radiator core material Alloy aluminum For radiator separator and tube
Car radiator header material PA66-GF30  
Car radiator draincock material PA66-GF30  
Car radiator manufacturer Visteon  
Weight of radiator(kg) 2.5  
*data from OEM

        AC Condenser data sheet forAudi A4 1.4 TFSi Base 2016
Items data description
CondenserLength x Width x Thickness(mm) 340x807x12 Max boundary dimension for length and width,12 is core thickness
Condenser tube quantity(pcs) 44  
Condenser separator quantity(pcs) 45  
Car condenser core material Alloy aluminum For condenser separator and tube
Car condenser header material Alloy aluminum Condenser manifold
Car condenser receiver dryer Alloy aluminum Integrated R/D ,diameter is 30mm
Car condenser manufacturer Keihin  
Weight of condenser (kg) 1.7  
*data from OEM
     Compressor supplier:Denso, 110cm3 volume, usingR134a refrigerant.

Vehicle information:
   Introduced at the 2015 Frankfurt Auto Show, the Audi A4 is now available in 1.4 TFSi Base version.Longer (25mm), wider (16mm) and with an extended wheelbase (+12mm) compared to the last version (for the sedan version), the A4 fifth generation is based on the MLB plaform. Available in sedan or in wagon, the Audi A4 is up to 120Kg lighter, depending the engine-gearbox combinaison.

Engine 1.4TFSI 2.0TFSI 150 2.0 TDI 190
Nb of cylinders 4 4 4
Displacement 1395 1968 1968
Max power(Kw) 110 110 190
Power(hp) 150 150 140
Max power rpm 5000-6000 3250-4200 3800-4200
Torque(Nm) 250 320 400
Max torque rpm 1500-3000 1500-3250 1750-3000
Fuel type Gas Gas Diesel
Maximum speed(kph) 210 221 240
Time(s) 0-100kph 8.7 8.9 7.7
Weight 1395 1505 1525

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