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car radiator and condenser data sheet for Audi A3 1.4 TFSi Attraction 2013

    Introduced at the 2012 Geneve car show, the AUDI A3,third generation, is now available in version 1.4TFSi Attraction.
   Below are the datasheet for car radiator and AC condenser for your reference.
      Car radiator datasheet for Audi A3 1.4 TFSi Attraction 2013
  data description
VehicleSegment C Hatchback
Engine type 1.4TFSI L4, turbo, gasoline
Engine Max power(kw) 90  
Engine Max Horsepower (PS) 122  
Engine Max. torque (Nm) 200  
Top Speed (km/h) 203  
Acceleration 0-100 km/h (s) 9.3  
Car radiator type Mechanical radiator  
Radiator core Length x Width x Thickness(mm) 648x415x27  
Radiator core area(dm2) 26.9  
Radiator tube quantity(pcs) 54  
Radiator separator quantity(pcs) 55  
Car radiator core material Alloy aluminum For radiator separator and tube
Car radiator header material PA66-GF30  
Car radiator draincock material PA66-GF30  
Car radiator manufacturer Valeo  
Weight of radiator(kg) 2.55  
*data from OEM

        AC Condenser data sheet forAudi A3 1.4 TFSi Attraction 2013
Items data description
Condenser core Length x Width x Thickness(mm) 392x535x16 Front surface paint in black
Condenser core area(dm2) 21  
Condenser tube quantity(pcs) 50  
Condenser separator quantity(pcs) 51  
Car condenser core material Alloy aluminum For condenser separator and tube
Car condenser header material Alloy aluminum Condenser manifold
Car condenser receiver dryer Alloy aluminum Integrated R/D ,diameter is 30mm
Car condenser manufacturer Modine  
Weight of condenser (kg) 1.79  
*data from OEM
    Compressor supplier:Denso, 80cc, usingR134a refrigerant.

Vehicle information:
   Introduced at the 2012 Geneve car show, the AUDI A3,third generation, is now available in version 1.4TFSi Attraction.
   As the previous generation in 2003 with the PQ35, this new generation of A3 introduce a new platform; the MQB,which will be used on of lot of model for the Volkswagen group in the future. Currently available in two body types (3 and 5 doors Sportback); the A3 receives at the start two petrol engines,one 1.4L of 122 ch. and one 1.8L of 180 ch. as well as twodiesel engine, one 1.6 TDi of 105 ch. and one 2.0 TDi of 150ch. Every block is mounted with a manual gearbox with 6gears or one S-tronic (double clutch) with 7 gears in option.
   The integral transmission Quattro is available with the most powerful 2 blocks.
Engine 1.4TFSI 1.8TFSI 1.6TDI 2.0 TDI
Nb of cylinders 4 4 4 4
Displacement 1395 1798 1598 1968
Max power(Kw) 90 132 77 110
Power(hp) 122 179 105 150
Max power rpm 5000-6000 5100-6200 3000 3500-4000
Torque(Nm) 200 250 250 320
Max torque rpm 1400-4000 1250-5000 1500 1750-3000
Fuel type Gas Gas Diesel Diesel
Maximum speed(kph) 203 232 194 216
Time(s) 0-100kph 9.3 7.2 11.4 8.6
Weight 1250 1325 1230 1355

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